Friends & Family

Danny and Stephen Stephen and Danny are a Manhattan couple who have it all – a fabulous house, good friends, lots of money – and most important, they have each other.  Then, one day, a surprise visit from Stephen’s Midwestern parents threatens to blow the boys’ big secret. The secret? Not that Stephen and Danny are gay - Stephen’s parents know all about that. What they don’t know is that their son and his boyfriend are hit men for the Mafia! mob

In addition to being suave, handsome, debonair and in love, Stephen and Danny are the chief enforcers for the powerful mob kingpin, Victor Patrizzi.

For years, Stephen has been telling his parents that he and Danny run a successful catering business. To make matters worse, Stephen’s meddlesome Mom now asks him to throw a birthday banquet for his FBI-agent Dad. Hilarious complications ensue as the boys enlist their macho gangster cronies to serve as waiters for the fictional catering company. The laughs pile up as the rough-around-the-edges mob henchmen decide that they have to take “gay lessons” to further the wacky scheme. gay waiters

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the Patrizzi household. Don Patrrizzi’s beautiful daughter brings home her new non-Italian fiancé, who has a few secrets in his own family. And Victor’s sons are more interested in cooking and decorating for the party than they are in taking care of the Family business.

Petulant drag queens and invading right-wing fanatics add to the fun, until our two lovable “wiseguys” are forced to show their true vocations as they save the day.master

Greg Lauren and Christopher Gartin star as the disarmingly charming Stephen and Danny. Joining “the boys” are veteran cast members Tony Lo Bianco, Tovah Feldshuh, Beth Fowler, Edward Hibbert, Meshach Taylor and Anna Maria Alberghetti.  The film was produced by Linda Moran (award- winning producer of “L.I.E.”), directed by Kristen Coury (in her feature-film debut) and written by Joseph Triebwasser  (named one of Variety’s Ten Screenwriters to Watch on the basis of his script for “Friends and Family”).

“Friends & Family” will be released May 16, 2003, by Regent Entertainment's, here! Films.  This film has not been rated by the MPAA, but contains no nudity or excessive violence.


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