The Soundtrack
Music sets a special tone for Friends & Family.
People are raving about the songs in the film.
Below is a listing of the music in the soundtrack.
Oi Mari
Jon Piso
I'm Old Fashioned
Eileen Farrell
Something's Gotta Hold On Me
Etta James
Hurry On Down
Ruth Brown
Papa Loves Mambo
Perry Como
Try To Remember/They Were You
Wes Hamrick
Three To Get Ready
Les Elgart
Jolly Jume Jumey
Wycliffe Gordon
You Can't Surprise Me
Elisa Heinsohn
Brooklyn Days
John Gentry Tennyson
Theme From To Kill '89
Seks Bomba
Excerpt from Otello
Giuiseppe Verdi
Fifth of Beethoven
Walter Murphy
La Donna E Mobile - Verdi
Extreme Music
Santa Lucia

Si Pel Ciel

Do Re Mi

The Score
This is composer Kurt Hoffman's third film, and his breezy score wonderfully captures all the fun of this zany comedy from intimate moments to classic mob gangster caricatures, to the wild party surprise at the end of the film.  

Kurt previously scored Christopher Walken's"The Opportunists" for director Myles Connell and the short film "Water Ride" for director Lane Smith. He can be seen in "Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns," about the band "They Might Be Giants."


all score music copyright:Seeds of Oak publishing/BMI