Friends & Family

Christopher and Greg
Christopher Gartin and Greg Lauren are Danny
 and Stephen - happy and in love and....

Tony Lo Bianco
...enforcers for mob boss Don Patrizzi
played by Tony Lo Bianco

Greg In Towel
Greg wet and in a towel....  
Tony and bodyguards
Greg, Danny and Christopher escort
Tony Lo Bianco

Learning to cook
Danny Mastrogiorgio tries vainly to teach
Greg and Christopher how to cook

Anna Maria Alberghetti
Anna Maria Alberghetti makes her point
Michael Bare Belly
Michael "Scuch" Squicciarini
learns to say "puh-leeze!"
  Edward's Balls
Edward Hibbert shows his balls
Brian and Rebecca
Brian Lane Green and Rebecca Creskoff
Brian and Tovah
Brian and Tovah Feldshuh
Gay Waiters
From mob thug to snobby gay waiter for
 Frank Pellegrino and Beth Fowler

Act Gay Like This
Edward Hibbert and "the boys"
practice their act

Drag Queens
These drag queens aren't kidding around!
Meshach Taylor
Meshach Taylor is quite ready
Tovah Fires Gun
Tovah's big surprise
Chris and Greg to the rescue
Christopher and Greg to the rescue

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