Beth Fowler BETH FOWLER (Ada Torcelli) is best known for her work on the Broadway stage.  Co-starring with Hugh Jackman in the new Fall 2003 Broadway musical “The Boy From Oz,” and most recently performing the role of Mrs. Potts which she created in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” winning a Los Angeles Ovation Award in that venue.  She co-starred in the 2001 revival of “Bells Are Ringing.”  She received a Tony Award nomination for her Mrs. Lovett in the critically acclaimed production of “Sweeny Todd” at Circle in the Square. 

Ms. Fowler was a member of the quintet in the original “A Little Night Music,” the stand by for the Andrews Sisters in “Over Here” and Arlene in “Baby.”  She was Mrs. Darling in “Peter Pan” with Sandy Duncan, Mrs. Roosevelt in “Teddy and Alice” and co-starred in the revival of “Take Me Along.”  “Gantry” and “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” complete her Broadway roster.

Off-Broadway, Mrs. Fowler was Nurse in “Romeo and Juliet” with Robert Sean Leonard, and Mom in the musical spoof “Preppies.”  On film, she was a nun in “Sister act” and ”Sister Act II” and the voice of the bather in “Mulan.”

Her numerous starring roles in stock and regional theatre include Kate in “All My Sons” at Arena Stage (DC) in 2000, “Hayfever,” “The Royal Family,” and musical characters that range from Mama Rose in “Gypsy” to Mrs. Anna in “The King and I.”

Ms. Fowler’s TV appearances include “In The Line of Duty: Murder in the Dakotas” opposite the late Rod Steiger, “A Case of Deadly Force” opposite Richard Crenna and various mothers on “Ed,” “Law and Order” and daytime dramas.

Concert stage appearances were made by Ms. Fowler at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.

Ms. Fowler can be heard on various cast album recordings and books on tape for Chivers, N.A..  Her winning portrayal of the green-vested crocheter on a Christmas time commercial helped sell volumes of the office supplies for the advertiser. 

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